We breed big, beautiful, St. Bernard Puppies!

Below are some interesting facts that were taken from the St. Bernard Club of America Website and the St. Bernard Rescue site.

Good Saints are sweet, patient and gentle yet they have a sense of property and are protective of both their family and place. Because they are not an active breed, they actually require less room than do many smaller dogs. They are quiet dogs that make good neighbors and for the most part are content to remain close to home.

Saints with proper temperaments will have an understanding of children and will be amazingly careful not to hurt them. They are excellent companions and make loyal family pets. They are very intelligent and enjoy learning. With a reasonable, consistent program of training they can be taught to do almost anything. They can be trained for competition as well as general good behavior. Some competitive activities you and your Saint might enjoy are conformation shows, obedience shows, cart pulling and weight pulling and almost anything else that will keep them with the family. They usually love to ride and are good travelers.

A well-trained St. Bernard will make a wonderful companion for you and your family and you will enjoy each other for many years.

Meet the Parents... Sire is Mighty Max the Great and the Dam is Princess Peaches of Plumfield.



  Mighty Max the Great


In an effort to improve the breed, both parents were chosen because they have multiple champions in their extended bloodline.


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